WSMM was founded by our late father, Johannus van Dyk, in the early 1960's. He was a smallgoods manufacturer using recipes brought from his native Holland. Dad was passionate about meat and meat products. By the 1970's it was obvious that a retail outlet was needed to serve our expanding retail customer base. The shop opened in Pynsent Street, Horsham in 1974.

At the time WSMM opened it was one of the first self service butchers in Australia. Today we still operate with the same format, in the same premises.

Dad retired from the business in 1990 to make way for the second generation to manage the family business: John has been involved since 1959 and Dominic since 1978.

From day 1 we have been serious about quality and service...both encapsulated in our core values:

Reflected in our family's combined 129 years of service to our customers

We are here to serve, everything else comes second

We and our team will not compromise on quality of product or service

We have a guarantee and we mean it

Never stops!

John van Dyk, CEO
Dominic van Dyk, Operations Manager