The Nostalgic warmth of winter dinners

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We eat with our senses, using the visual and aromatic first.  The image and smell of food will play a dramatic on our first impressions of a meal set before us.Next, if not equally first, is the sentimental, the emotional, that almost indefinable impact of food.

We have these lasting memories of walking into a kitchen after a cold day and being immediately warmed by the aroma drifting through from mum's or gran's cooking.  It is immediately welcoming and homely, like that big hug from your mother when you felt sad.  How often you came home to that aroma drifting in the kitchen doesn't matter, because even that one occasion transfixed itself and becomes that nostalgic warming memory on those cold days. It is a real "feel good" sensation.  we all speak of how it tasted "back then", those sepia toned memories of home cooked food.

It is those old traditional homecooked meals that warm us, both in our memories and in our body. They are the old recipes of Irish stews, stroganoff, pea and ham soup, spaghetti bolognese, lamb roasts, goulash, probably served with a creamy side serve of mashed potato. Then to finish it off that bowl of golden syrup dumplings or self saucing pudding with a generous dollop of cream.

At the Meat Market we have the foundation ingredients for these great old recipes, and if you are looking for a recipe or cooking tip, feel free to call in and ask. We will get you warmed up this winter.   

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